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upper middle class suburb north of chicago. not as rich as lake forest to the east, but richer than pretty much the rest of lake county. kids from libertyville like to consider their town part of the north shore, except their missing the most important part of being considered north shore-which is of course the lake. the highschool is pretty highly ranked, and kids are smartish. an obscene amount of fakebaking, jeepdriving, pot smoking,northfacing and school spirit can be observed among the students at libertyville highschool. takes forever to get into the city driving but takes like 40 minutes on the train. has a "historic" uptown area where kids that cant drive walk around. the mcdonalds is incredibly inconveniently located. dats pretty much it
Where are you from?

The Northshore

Really? because Im pretty sure Libertyville does not touch the lake.
by lol2010 August 20, 2010
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