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One step up from the McGangbang, the McOrgy sandwich consists of one Mcdonalds double cheeseburger, one McChicken sandwich, and an order of 6 chicken mcnuggets. The McOrgy is created when said items are put together inside two buns. Start by placing the entire chicken sandwich into the mcdouble by taking off the top bun, then place all of your chicken nuggets on top of the McChickens bun, finish it off by placing the double cheeseburger bun back on top of the chicken nuggets.
Person 1:what the hell is that?

Person 2: Its a McOrgy...

Person 1: CHICKEN NUGGETS ON A SANDWICH?!? thats suicide

Person 2: its not a sandwich for the faint of heart
by lkXJhdfuasv April 19, 2010

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