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Ukrainian and Russian for weed.
Do you have konoplya tonight, dude?
by littlesweety May 24, 2009
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a place in the front of the car where a guys jumps to right after fucking a girl on her way home to her parents that are not supposed to know anything. usually right on her driveway.
(he) - ok, i'm gonna jump to the frontseat real quick, right?
(she) - yeah, cuz my parents will kill me if they see you on the backseat with me..
by littlesweety May 22, 2009
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the third part of the cruel intentions movie. i guess it's crappy, but i haven't watchedit yet!
(guy 1) have you seen cruel intentions 3?
(guy 2) nope. i guess it's crappy though cuz the second part was darn crap!
by littlesweety July 20, 2009
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