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often "Chris"
named after holy "Christopherus"
Christopher Culumbus (discovered america and thought it was india...)

Christophers want to explore
They aren't afraid to travel into foreign countries

Christopher, who you often call just "chris" might be the best friend and at the same time the greatest love you can find. It starts with these summers where you just hang around with others, eat pizza on rooftops and listen to jack johnson while cooling you're feet in the pool. the more you get to know him the more you realize he is not just a good friend - he is exactly the person you searched for so long.

Sometimes Christophers pretend to be exrtemly cool and funny. the stuff they do to impress the little girls are often comletly akward in you're eyes.but if you want to get a Christopher you have to look behind this mask.

there you'll find something so adorable an lovable that you fall for him in seconds.

On the inside Christopher is often insecure an doubts himself. but he although has the gift to be so kind and lovely that you feel completly safe with him
he cares more about his friend than about himself and wnats everyone to be happy - so that he sometimes forgets about his own needs and wishes.

So if there is any possibility to get a Christopher for a friend ore lover this migth be the chance of you're life.
Take him and do everything to keep heim. He'll never let you down! Trust him an love him - you won't regret it
by little pink present February 07, 2010

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