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emo has alot of definitions on urban dictionary most of them make fun of what they THINK is emo. so i felt compelled to write what it really is.

most people would define emo:
fag dark clothing
poser hot topic
self mutilation sad
skinny jeans myspace whore
black rim glasses loser

but the real definition is far from any of these things. what people are discribing is POSER emo. real emo kids dress however they want and dont really care what people think about them. they are themselves, sometimes they might take their emotions too far, but that is with any emotion. emo kids ,contrary to popular belief, are not always sad,sometimes they show signs of being bipolar. one minute they will be happy, the next they might be sad or mad.(schitzophrenic behavior might also be displayed)they depend alot on their friends to to bring them up when they're down, but most of them love life to an extent.
THAT is the real definition of emo.
poser emo 1:oh, im so depressed!
poser emo 2:yeah, me too! lets go to hot topic and buy dark clothing and more eyeliner.
poser emo 1:then we could go to wal mart and buy some razor blades!
poser emo 2:yeah! when we come back we could sit around and play that new hawthorne heights cd and write sad poetry on our myspace blog.
********* ********* ********* ********* ********* *********
emo 1:dude, what do you want to do today?
emo 2:whatever is fun
emo 1:nevermind i just got sad all of a sudden
emo 2:oh come on, lets go over to emo 3's house, you know she can always cheer you up
emo 1: yeah you're right. lets go have some fun!
by lilyda April 09, 2008
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