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Characteristically tense and anxious, and typically react to even minor frustrations by irritability, jumpiness and ineffective excitability. They typically overreact to environmental stimuli in an emotional way and have difficulty thinking and concentrating. In their social contacts they manifest considerable hostility. They suffer from ideas of reference and pervasive suspiciousness, which may, at times, take the form of paranoid thinking. They can be over-ruminative, and over ideational. Poor judgment and feelings of inflexibility are common.

Moodiness, hostility and excitability are common characteristics of people with such profiles. Feelings of grandiosity, poor temper control, hyperactivity and distractibility are common. A general pattern of under-control, lacking in inhibition, with complaining and whining means of dealing with others are commonly seen. Hostility and suspiciousness, tendencies to misinterpret social situations, and manipulativeness are also features common to people of this profile. There is also suggestion of a wish for help, an adolescent identity crisis and general self-confusion and weak ego strength are present.
She is such an Erianna.
She is so Erianna.
by lilooona February 14, 2010

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