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Get over your ridiculous self and LIGMO! Let It Go. Move On!

You need to LIGMO and stop looking at people's cell phone log!

For Chrissake MYOB and LIGMO!

Get over it and LIGMO - its not the end of the world.

Friend: I can't believe what he just did. This keeps happening.

Me: If you deserve the best, you won't keep settling for less. It's time to get on with your life and LIGMO.
by ligmolady December 26, 2012
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AFGO means Another Fabulous Growth Opportunity. Popularized by Millicent St. Claire and her LIGMO workshops.
Problems! Drama! Stress! Turn it around and whatever it is, it's really just AFGO - Another Fabulous Growth Opportunity.

Underneath your problems you will always find AFGO - Another Fabulous Growth Opportunity!
by ligmolady April 10, 2013
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