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An adorable guy, who is incredibly talented, sweet, funny, musical, clumsy, and dorky. He has beautiful eyes and an amazing smile to match. He smells like Jesus and he is one of the most polite guys in this world. He is super caring and super sweet to everyone. He is a little, socially awkward, but he wouldn't be Trapper if he wasn't! He's always smiling (except for when he's playing his saxophone). He's a procrastinator, but he's not lazy, he just likes to wait. He is a person everyone wants to be friends with because of his hilarious personality and his super sweet face. He's super cute and everyone adores him
Person 1: Did you see that tall kid? With the curly hair? What's his name?
Person 2: He's Trapper, he's such a great guy, I'm so glad I know him.
Person 3: Let's go talk to him!
by lexychuuuu October 24, 2011
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