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'4sd' is what a zerg player in Starcraft 2 pushes to make a drone unit provided they have a hatchery bound to the 4 key and are using the default key mapping. If you play zerg, you will be pushing this key sequence a lot.
You: 4sd4sd4sd4sd4sd4sd!
Friend: what?
by leetkr3w March 29, 2011
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A protoss player in Starcraft 2 who spends the majority (or all) of their resources on Photon Cannons.
here comes the 6 pool up the ramp, will he be rea-HOLY FUCK CAPTAIN CANNON!
by leetkr3w October 24, 2010
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Rushing a large number of Roaches in Starcraft 2. A spiky black stormcloud of death.

Also known as "Captain Roach".
20 roaches versus 10 marines and 5 marauders behind a supply depot. The Terran was roachstormed.
by leetkr3w October 24, 2010
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