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Father My Children/ Father of My Children

1. used when describing someone so attractive or desirable, that they are worthy of reproducing.

2. used when describing someone so awesome, they're genes should be passed on to secure the future of humanity.
Leanne: Gabe Saporta is soo hot! And his style is to die for.
Megan: Don't forget, his voice is amazing!
Leanne: He will one day fmc so that together we can have the sexiest and most stylish kids.

smexy awesome stylin'
by leaax3 September 24, 2009

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Style that is a cross between hipster (or metrosexual) and hobo. Coined by Cobra Starship lead, Gabe Saporta. Only to be used with permission by Gabe Saporta.
Gabe Saporta coined the term "hobosexual" to describe this new generation's style.
by leaax3 September 25, 2009

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