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A kind, gentle and loving man to everyone. He would be patient with others, good with all. There is a serenity, or calmness about him, no moodiness, or tempers flaring. This person cares deeply and shows this by the strong embrace or hug when greeting or saying goodbye to a friend. The perfect person is not judgemental or patronizing, but genuine in relationships with everyone. They love unconditionally each and every person and have no ill feelings towards anyone. This is a rare person, there are not many out there, but there are a few who are pure in heart and honestly close to perfection... I know a few... and the one man who was born on this earth that was completely perfect in all things was Jesus Christ. We should become more like him. An Avanura is perfection to the human eye. This person has it all. The works.
"Avanura? Yeah hes the dude all the girls wish to end up marrying..."
by le fangirl January 09, 2013

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This is a person who is hot and loves coffee and tolerates fangirls.
"You looking mighty fine! You smell like coffee too, What dat is? Arunava?"
by le fangirl January 21, 2013

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