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"A Fire Inside" is a great band that has changed their musical style over the years; their music fits into many different genres. Their first three CDs are "Answer That And Stay Fashionable," "Very Proud of Ya," and "Shut Your Mouth and Open Your Eyes." These CDs are obviously punk rock; the best one of these three is "Answer That And Stay Fashionable." Their next CD is "Black Sails In The Sunset," which mixes melodic metal and punk rock. It is undeniably their best CD. Their next two CDs are "The Art of Drowning," and "Sing The Sorrow," and they combine many new elements to their music that makes it hard to put them into a particular genre. Some of AFI's worst songs are on these two CDs, but there are a few (about 7 or 8) really good songs that are worth listening to.
AFI is a really good band; you should go listen to "Black Sails In the Sunset" before calling them some crappy emo band.
by lalalalalalalalalalalala December 14, 2005
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