2 definitions by lady_kk

Awful parody of popular Dragon Ball series.
It makes laugh and copies stuff from all previous series adding barely anything new.
Series is known for terrible animation in its first half, retellings movies and ruining personalities of main cast.
SuperTard: "Hey did you see the newest Dragon Ball Super episode? Goku has another transformation and his hair is green now! He fights Silver Cell and Diamond Buu now!"

Dragon Ball Fan: "Get lost."
by lady_kk May 27, 2018
Parody of Dragon Ball series produced by TOEI animation.
Copied everything from previous series and ruined main cast personalities.
Tard: "Did you see latest Dragon Ball Super episode? Goku's new form is awesome! He has green hair and he's going to fight Diamond Buu and Silver Cell!"
Fan: "Get lost."
by lady_kk May 29, 2018