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One of those slap your forehead moments when you realise that you've just done something incredibly stupid.

The moment when something "dawns on you" and "the penny drops.
A dohment is when you realise that you've put the baby outside and tucked the cat up in the cot for the night.


A dohment is when you wonder why the lawn isn't looking any better then notice that you haven't engaged the lawnmower blade.
by la_spice August 04, 2009

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Opposite of skinny dipping

Worny outing - means to gambol fully clothed as opposed to skinny dipping which is to bathe ‘au natural’

Not to be confused with “horny outing” which is to gambol naked!
Tonight I will be worny outing as it's much too cold for skinny dipping
by la_spice June 30, 2008

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