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Presumably a wallet sized laminated piece of identification much like a social insurance number or drivers license, issued by mail 6-8 weeks after one has completed training and satisfied the high-standards set in place by the G-Code Training Association with a final grade of 90% or greater. A G-pass ownership is proof the owner is a certified supporter and agrees by all means necessary to follow the set of rules to live by as set fourth by the G-Code.
"I'm sorry sir we cannont validate your "G-Pass" here but we can indeed validate parking."

“The G-pass shall is and shall be at all times in ownership of the G-Code Commission and can be withheld, suspended or terminated with or without written cause at any given time as the board of directors sees fit. Reasons for immediate termination are, but not limited to, cooperation with local, state or federal law enforcement agency, conviction of any sexual oriented crime, notarized document signed by three or more G-pass holders stating with proof the valid reasoning...ect.
by kyle8000 January 13, 2012

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