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Expressing oneself too directly, too plainly, insensitively.
I once considered buying a birthday card for my dad that made fun of his age. My dad was in his late 60's. It portrayed a man in a car looking in a rear-view mirror with a panicked expression, and seeing the Grim Reaper. The message printed on the mirror was, "Objects shown in mirror may be closer than they appear." I thought it was hilarious, but I thought it was "hitting the nail too squarely on the head." It's implication was too direct.
by kwebb1265 October 21, 2010
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A paraphrase of a Charles Schulz quote. One his Peanuts was hugging Snoopy and the dialogue bubble above them said, "Happiness is a warm puppy." The paraphrase refers to the soothing feeling and pure joy one receives when he listens to his cat's purr, knowing that the cat is happy and his experiencing the bond between cat and owner.
I hugged my cat and thought, "Ah, happiness is a purring kitty."
by kwebb1265 April 13, 2011
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