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1. A crazy awesome show on ABC that needs to answer about 50 million questions and and has fantastic characters and crazy sci fi happenings on an island. A plane crashed on this island and the passengers discovered polar bears, a black smoke monster, and a giant foot, as well as other strange phenomenon. They also met The Others led by Ben Linus who is a lier and a psycho yet strangely trustable. Six passengers made if off the island but then they decided to come back even to save everyone else who they left behind. In doing this they crashed yet another plane. Oh yeah, and there's time travel.

2. the act of not know where one is or what is happening.
1. Did you watch Lost last night!? It was the best episode yet, I can't beleive what Sawyer did!!

2. Last nights episode of Lost had me completely lost.
by ktmo64 March 05, 2009

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