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A girl who tends to lead on making you think she's into you . Therefore , she will make you believe you are very attractive/ interested then the next day you don't exist. A fake personality bitch with the following traits -

She will confuse persistence w/ chasing making you think you're coming too strong when really it's just a normal text or call.

She will make small conversation with you then completely end the conversation red-flag like.

She will come off tedious and pretentious-like when on the phone or text.

She will tell you she'll call you back and you know she never will. ex "Text me or call me when you get the chance"

If you encounter this do not waste your time.
GIRL: Hey lets hang out sometime i'm down to get together lets do it tomorrow

YOU : Sounds good

next day...

YOU : Text ... "Hey there , lets go out tonight!"
Girl : "read - 3:43 p.m."

3 hours later ...
YOU: did you get my text ... ?
GIRL : read 7:47 p.m.

-Bullshit Girl
by ksudzo August 02, 2016

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