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A white trash scum bag that thinks he/she is black. Very ofter has multiple tattoo's, a lowered pick up truck and a straight billed hat, wife beater and brand new looking construction boots. The TP stands for trailer park, as most of them hail from mobile homes, and they are gangsters because somehow they feel that growing up in the countryside in a trailer park makes them hardened street toughs.
T-Bag " Yo dog, in a hot minute from busting a cap in that cat's ass"

Regular guy " Dude, your from a trailer park, stop acting like your from a decayed urban environment. If you keep this act up you will be having sex with men the rest of your life behind bars. Is that what you want?"

T-Bag " Yo dog, i ain't skered Hoss"

Regular guy " Your a TP Gangster"
by kroon78 August 29, 2009
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When one drive's past one's relative with out any acknowledgement by either party.
Miro: We are almost at Anna's

Ryan: Slow down guy, I think that's your parents.

Miro: I can't wait to see her.

Ryan: Dude! You just pulled a polish drive-by on your parents.
by kroon78 October 27, 2010
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A southern term to describe something as being good.
That there steak with ketchup was dun count ya'll
by kroon78 September 18, 2010
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