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Is that act of pretending you are in a sport when really you do what 90% of people looking for a little cardio do when they work out, run a few miles. To be considered a cross country runner, the following must be done: Weigh under 120 lbs (regardless of sex), wear shorts with an inseam of no more than 2", take your shirt off whenever possible to show others your emaciated body stretched over an alien skeleton, hang with only fellow cross country runners (doucheness amplification), make sure that other people are aware of just how much of sport your "sport" is (regardless of that fact that all you do is try to out-exercise a large doucheherd of fellow runners galloping across lawns and wooded areas). See also: jogging and hobby
Bob: Would you rather stick your cock down a rattlesnake's throat or be seen by the girl you like in the vicinity of a cross country team?
Ted: 'grabs rattlesnake'

I tried out for the cross country team, but then I woke up from my nightmare, relieved I wasn't actually a goofy, douchey, athlete wannabe.
by kohawk February 11, 2011
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