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a person of modern times who rejects established institutions and values and seeks spontaneity and escapism, direct personal relations expressing love and happiness, and an expanded consciousness. they often express their lifestyle externally by wearing casual, folksy clothing, such as: beads, headbands, tie dye, leather, used garments, goes barefoot often, etc.
a modern day hippie can, but is not expected to: go live in the woods for months or years at a time, not shower- or shave- for weeks on end, have long hair, smoke 10 Ibs. of weed every day, trip on LSD on a regular basis, or have sex with every friend they know.
She promotes peace, love, and happiness; wears her hand- made shoes and carries around her home- made purse and her favourite shirt is tie dyed and she's had it since fourth grade: she is your modern hippie.
by knownwell&&lovesall October 21, 2007

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