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Consigliori means advisor and that person is the right hand of The Don in italian Mafia-families.

From The Godfather:

The other Mafia families disliked the fact that the Corleones had a german-irish Consigliori. Because of Tom Hagen, the Corleones were sometimes referred to as "The Irish Gang".
by klimaxx August 09, 2006

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A weapon originally used by Sicilian wolf-hunters, but now is a popular gun used by the Mafia.
Michael Corleone felt safe walking with the two shepherds, and they did not try to hide their luparas to the public.
by klimaxx August 09, 2006

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A highly ranked person in the italian/sicilian mafia. A regime is a troop, and a capo is a leader/boss.

In The Godfather, Don Vito Corleone and Consigliori Tom Hagen is the highest, and after them comes the family's two caporegimes, Clemenza and Tessio. Later, Rocco Lampone creates a new regime.
Sonny Corleone: "Our two New York-regimes are more than a thousand men, that's more than the other five NY-mafia-families have together."

Six people were present at the meeting in Don's working-room: Michael, Sonny and Don, Tom Hagen, and the caporegimes Clemenza and Tessio.
by klimaxx August 09, 2006

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