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Kaydee is literally just a giant ray of sunshine, the most positive and happy person you’ll ever meet. She’ll come into your life and after a week she’ll be your best friend and you won’t remember a life without her. She is very sarcastic and freaking hilarious. She has a concerning love for music and probably has over 1000 songs on her playlist. She loves outer space and dreams to be an astronomer or an astronaut one day. If you ever get her talking about things she super passionate about, don’t interrupt her because it is the most adorable thing when she’s talking about things she loves, the light in her eyes and the adorable hand gestures just leave you wanting to stare at her forever. She is also a major nerd in the best way possible. She loves Marvel. Like LOVES Marvel. She could tell you the actors of every Marvel character, retell the storyline of every movie, and recite thousands of quotes from them. Kaydee is gorgeous by the way. The prettiest eyes that are constantly changing color and long brown hair that is always up because she hates the way it looks down. She’s one of the smartest people you will ever meet and could learn more random facts about her than anyone else in Earth. She is very loud sometimes and gets excited over small things, but that’s one of my favorite things about her. You could fall in love with her in the amount of time it takes for her to say hello. Don’t ever let Kaydee leave your life because she will make it 2000 times better, promise.
(Guy #1): Man this girl is just a little ball of positivity and sarcasm... I think I’m in love.

(Guy #2): You’ve gotten yourself a Kaydee, huh? You lucky bastard.
by kkbrosky April 07, 2019

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