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No, it's none of this shit of being indie or scene or emo. If you're a weird kid you have no friends, are very unhappy, probably smell strange, wear unflattering clothes, and never talk. Really there is an endless list. They often don't do well in school, and have nothing going for them (no friends, not attractive, not good at school, no sports, not outgoing, etc...).Don't be nice to the weird kid, they'll stalk you for life, and when you don't pay enough attention to them, they'll snap. But don't be mean either, because they'll snap on you as well. Just try and remain anonymous. Stay out of their way or they will latch on to you. I really stress that last part. Some of them are really fucked up.

This is not to be confused with the other kind of weird kid. The one that likes anime and wears bright clothing and is very loud and has loads of friends and is happy. These are harmless and probably mentally stable. Most of them are very nice.
Kid 1-I got put with the weird kid for my science project, but I told the teacher I have OCD and the only one who can make a project good enough to turn in is me, no one can help.

Kid 2- I'd do the same, to them being partners for a project would be like signing up to be best friends for life. Really it'd be like signing up for a stalker, who'd eventually kill you in your sleep.

Kid 1- Ya...
by kite and fox November 20, 2010

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