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an absolute retard who spends most or all of his time on a netgame or forum, acting dumb and irrational.
Occasionally confused with "newb" which is a person who is new to a game, a noob/n00b/nub/nubz0r may be very familiar with said game, but because of his total lack of an IQ still suckx and refuses to admit so.
Noobs may also continuously spam or annoy people with their idiotic nerdspeak "1337 or n00bish" thus leading them to be banned, squelched, or ignored entirely.
Many noobs also lack friends, people who care about them, the ability to speak normally, and a life in general.

noob: LAWLAWLAWLAWL I PWN JOO!!!!!1!!!1111ONE!!
person: do everyone a favour and stop breathing

(look up elementalkirby on youtube, primary example of noob)
by kingofcupcakes August 31, 2007
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