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A Bobbi Jo is a temptress of ill fate. Upon her awakening each morning, she bathes in a tub of liquid seduction, concocted from the roots of a nettlewig, which can only be found in the forest of forgotten sorrow. Her aura is melting. She'll make your knees week and break your concentration with the blink of an eye. And once your in her grasp, there's no letting go. She'll force you to fall in love with her, which may result in a flurry of eventual psychotic delusions, all of which involve Bobbi Jo, a broom, and a bathrobe. On the surface she appears delicate and adorable, yet deep within her fiery depths, there is a demon waiting to encompass your soul.
I ran into a Bobbi Jo today! I barely escaped with my dignity!
by kingarthur89 September 28, 2010
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