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The word white people use when they're too afraid to say the word 'niger' or 'nigga'. Mainly old white people.
That... uh... NEGRO over there looks like he is stealing some fried chicken. I am most appauled. I must sit here and be baffled! Oh my lord. JOHN BE CAREFUL, he could be (shivers) democrat! Oh no he's yelling in some E-boneecs now!
by killigan March 17, 2006
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The septor or cane in which a pimp would beat "dem bitches and hos" with. A pimp usually uses this cane in the case that a woman does not get enough money from having sex with men. The pimp cane usually is decorated with such things as a diamond or jewel on the top and gold everywhere else.
Pimp Jason Mac Jason Jason has his pimp cane that is 4 feet tall and 1 1/2 inches thick in diameter. It is gold from top to bottom except for the top which has a very large fake diamond on top. Inscribed on the side are hash marks for each bitch or ho that has been beaten with this here pimp cane. Sharifa Gihifa Latifa Jones AKA Kitty Mc pants pants walks in and only has $200. Mac Jason is angry. $1000 is the minimum. Jason beats Kitty until she understands how much he wants. Circle of life kids, the circle of life. Kitty goes out and get $2000 and Maccy J carves another line in his cane.
by killigan October 17, 2005
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