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hwoarang actually means young flower. This was actually a military campaign during the three kingdom era in Korea. one of the kingdom called Silla, promoted this term "Hwoarang" which had a few philosiphies for the young soldiers to live by.
1) never run from a battle
2) obey you parents
3) be kind to your siblings
4) be royal to country

members of the hwoarang were actually aristocrats, who were trained in special martial arts. It was because of these soldiers who were trained with the "Hwoarang" mentality, Silla was able to defeat the 2 other kingdom: Goguryo, and BaekJae.

The martial arts they practiced is called Hwoarangdo. Check it out.
Hwoarang is a way of life, of the youth.
by kigga March 16, 2004

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Mitsubishi, is indeed one of the world's biggest coporation. However, the history of Mitsubishi, is somewhat dark.
Originally, during the Japanese occupation in Korea during 1900 until the A-Bomb over hiroshima, Mitsubushi brought in millions of Korean women, children, as well as men, as laborers who were put into factories which had ill conditions. These myriad of Koreans were treated as slaves.

Mitsubishi also used to make and still are today, Japan's military aircraft producer. the company logo of Mitsubishi, the three diamonds, is actually a representant of the propellers of aircraft produced during WW2( Just like Benz and BMW logo!). Mitsubishi still makes jetfighters for Japan Defense Force.

Mitsubushi faced many scandals and predicaments during its time. Mitsubishi is said to be backed by right-wing Japanese radicals. Apparently, some key members were affliated with the Yakuza syndicate during the 1900-1940s.

Today, Mitsubishi makes cars, electronics, and pretty much everything. However, they still fail to pay compensation, like the Japanese government, to the millions of Koreans who worked as slaves under not only Mitsubishi, but many other major Japanese corporations today.

Mitsubishi cars are losing ground in todays automarket(even Hyundai and Kia's are doing better), largely because of its poor afterserivce, as well as crappy warranty policies. However, notable Mitsubishi cars are the Eclipse generation, and the EVO. One of the best World Rally Championship cars. Still the overall quality of Mitsubishi is somewhat faltering.

Some people are even claiming Mitsubishi to be near extinction. Who knows? Only the future will tell. But note this,

"He who builds on the people, builds on mud."
Mitsubishi's dark history is not yet known to the public until now.

Mitsubishi EVO VIII kicks ass!
by kigga July 24, 2005

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Korean Central Intellegence Agency

basically, a copy of CIA of US, but Koreanified.

KCIA lost all its power when Park Jung Hee was assisinated. Ironically by the chief of KCIA.

KCIA used to consist of thugs who had unlimited power in politics, and in the country. sort of like, liscened to kill.

KCIA is notorious for killing or capturing oppositions towards the Park regime.

Especially for the kidnapping of Kim Dae Joong, in Japan. Theoreticaly, the japanese Yakuza, helped them, in which the leader of the Yakuza gang is Korean also.
oh shit! here comes the KCIA!
by kigga March 16, 2004

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Yakuza literally translates to "Bad, crooked." Lives up to its name. Unlike other underworld mass criminal organization, Yakuza has heavy influence in Japanese politics. One example is during the WW2, when Yakuza members flourished throughout asia, stealing, making brothels, prostitution, drug sales. They were unstoppable.

Even today, they have close ties with politicians, and control most of the entertainment industry and other areas.

Quite a bit of percentage of the Yakuza members prove to be of Korean ethnicity. An explanation would be that Koreans living in Japan aren't recognized as "Japanese" meaning that they are still subjected as aliens. Therefore, socially they become an outcast. It is natural for them to join social-outcast groups such as the Yakuza.
Yakuza unlike other organized criminals have had relatively powerful influence in politics in Japan, especially during WW2 when Japan wrongfully committed crimes throughout Asian nations and Dutch.
by kigga December 29, 2004

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