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1) A neighborhood in the southern part of Queens, New York. Not to be confused with South Jamaica, which are 2 different neighborhoods but are close to each other and share the same name. Major streets include Hillside Avenue, Jamaica Avenue, Liberty Avenue, Guy R. Brewer Boulevard, Parsons Boulevard and Archer Avenue. Other well known streets are Linden Boulevard, Farmers Boulevard, Merrick Boulevard, Baisly Boulevard and Rufus King Avenue. Jamaica has gotten better, especially along the area of Hillside Avenue. Mosly a Black neighborhood, but gotten a little bit more racially diverse in the past few years. Jamaica is serviced by the E, F, Z and G train which go to Manhattan(NYC).

2) An island in the Carribeans. Known well for its beaches and beautiful vacation resorts. Can get really hot in the Summer, but that's why man invented Air Conditioners.
1) Hillside Avenue will forever be my home in Jamaica, Queens, NY.

2) Every Summer I go on vacation to Jamaica with my family.
by kidd menace April 22, 2006
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AKA Hip-Hop.

A type of music the is very popular in urban cities. There are many Rap genres such as Old School, Positive, Gangsta, Hardcore, Crunk, Southern, and Snap. Real rap is nothing like todays types(aiming at Gangsta) which talks about shooting peoples whips up, bragging about $200,000 cars & mansions ect. ect. Real rap artists would be LL Cool J, Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Kanye West and a whole lot others.
You: Rap is for blacks, it's gay and talks about banging hoes all the time.

Me: Rap is not only for blacks and not all rap talks about banging hoes you stupid mother fucker.
by kidd menace April 23, 2006
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