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Bell smell is the odour that wafts your way when the foreskin is pulled back. it is usually a pungent odour that resembles stilton cheese. this is often caused from lack of washing or just being a dirty bastard.
Christ! i just got a noseful of derek's bell-smell!
by kiclo April 24, 2008
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ta-dah is everything and anything, ta-dah most of the time is shagged, it could be that girl you pulled last night may have been well ta-dah, or you may plan on ta-dah-ing the hell out of your mates mam, or maybe you wanna ta-dah the fuck out of someone because you hate them, maybe in ten years time you'll be partying in ayai napa in a nightclub called ta-dah, getting ta-dah'd could also mean gettin absolutely mortal, or maybe, just maybe you may soon be watching a jackass spin off made by two cumbrian girls named "TA-DAH", or it could just simply mean your very tired.
'he's gettin ta-dah'd tonight'
'corr i wanna gan and get ta-dah'd tonight boiz, sesh on'
'i ta-dah'd the fuck outa him he was bleedin all owa'
'jeeeese im ta-dah'd'
by kiclo April 07, 2008
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