1 definition by khari [young keezy]

"when them emm effers be all up in your face. && getting on your nerves talking shit you just be like "yahh bitch, yahh."
when you yell "yahh bitch, yahh."
it signals get out my face hoe, get out my face hoe.
from soulja boy's single yahh bitch.
Soulja Boy --
"(Hey, Soulja Boy, can I get your autograph?) yahhh bitch, yahhh!
(Yo, Arab, I really like you, man) yahhh Bitch, yahhh!
(Are there any 30 boyz that---) Yah, Yah, Bitch, yahhh yahhh!
(Yeah, I was wonderin, can I be on your next---) yahhh, yahhh bitch!"
by khari [young keezy] January 13, 2008
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