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A pejorative term used as an insult by Democrats against Libertarians and others who espouse small-government, low taxation, and fiscally sound public policy. The reference comes because Democrats, “progressives”, “liberals” and other ideologues of the left are under the mistaken impression that a man’s scrotum is as small a tea bag and can therefore be placed in an open mouth.

Most Democrat men were long ago feminized by their ideology and by organizations such as NOW, elite universities and non-for-profits where men sit on their balls all day shuffling paper and studying global warming. Therefore, their vestigial testicles and sack are in fact small translucent bags filled with crushed content, much like a tea bag. The occasional Democrat woman who shags a real man or gay Democrat who mistakenly beds a Log Cabin Republican, soon realizes that a man’s sack and balls are nothing like a tea bag or its contents, but more like a couple of mangoes coming home from the market in a burlap sack.
"I nearly suffocated after a fruitless attempt at teabagging in the men's room of the Tea Party convention." --A. Cooper.
by kewlhandl April 16, 2010
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