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When a girl you just started dating, or one you've been having sex with leaves articles of clothing or personal (girl) items around your pad . This acts purpose is so other bitches can see that another one of them has been in the same area . Like a true bitch marking her territory .
That dirty slut i picked up from the bar last night must of shoved her panties behind my bed . Thank god i checked my room for girl pee this morning . My girl would of gone psycho if she would of found them .
by kaper March 09, 2009

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when laying on your back and someone licks your ass and pushes your legs so far back that you are performing oral sex on yourself at the same time.
last night this chick licked my ass and made me suck my own dick at the same time . she called it the balloon animal and it was the shit .
by kaper February 28, 2009

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