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This is an incredibly addicting and annoying iPhone game. In the game, there is a slingshot used to launch birds at pigs. Really, there is no point to this game since it takes away from your social life and it annoys your girlfriends/boyfriends. It also can teach kids that it is OK to launch birds in slingshots. This is definitely not something we want.
a typical skype conversation between girlfriend/boyfriend

Kaelynn: "Ugh! What are you doing right now? I'm TRYING to talk!"

Christian: "Yeah, hold on just a second babe. I'm kinda busy right now."

Kaelynn: "Ugh, are you playing that stupid BIRD GAME again?!"

Christian: "Yeah, I"m playing Angry Birds. It's more interesting than you."
by kae!! June 29, 2011

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A private liberal arts college that is mos well-known for their music program and conservatory. It is located in Berea, Ohio with a suburban-like atmosphere around the campus. The buildings around campus are beautifully structured and the campus is well-maintained. There are over 100 clubs and organizations students are able to get involved in, many residence halls and even a special building for commuters to stay at between classes. Evening and weekend classes are offered for older students and adults. The orientation for freshman during the summer is probably one of the best events of the college experience since everyone is so nice. Partying is not as well known at this campus, but of course, people still drink and do all that. Everybody is NOT all prudes, they just care about school and the future. People with a voice, acting ability or musical talent are at a good place at BW. Overall, a great private college where everybody gets attention.
Baldwin-Wallace College is definitely a good choice for me since I am going to be majoring in music education!
by kae!! June 27, 2011

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