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The coolest and best girl you’ll ever meet. She may be shy and awkward at first but when you come to know her better you won’t be able to imagine life without her.

Her only real flaw is her self doubt. She thinks a bad grade or botched make-up (after kissing) will ruin her otherwise beautiful day.
She’s usually the only one who doubts herself but luckily for her she has that one person who believes in her.
Her other flaw may be her incredible weakness for that one guy, luckily for her, her loves her more than anything else.
She is from Bosnian descent, so that means that one shouldn’t fuck with her, otherwise it means bye-bye for your sorry ass.
One day she will be a great mother although this is something that she doesn’t want to hear about right now.
kiddo #1: damn bro, look at that fat-ass girl ova there
kiddo #2: i know bro, that’s Lejla! she’s so cute with her beautiful eyes
kiddo #1: i’d do anything to be with her
kiddo #2: bro, I’d back up in your place. she has a boyfriend and he’s very intimidating

m-fucker 1: damn, I’d wish I had Leijla a girlfriend
m-fucker 2: g, that girl is way out of league. have you seen her boyfriend?

m-fucker 1: no, you think he is that good?
m-fucker 2: man, first he’s is smart as fuck, he’s basically Wikipedia and second he will kill you in an instant.

girl I: What do you think about this dude?
girl II: Girl don’t even try it! He’s together with that Lejla-Chick, she will scratch your eyes out for looking at him, plus he’s only into her, I’ve never seen him to talk to other girls besides school stuff.
by k4mpfm45chine November 21, 2021
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Type of facial expression one is born with
Male equivalent to resting bitch-face
Guys who rock this type of look are hot as fuck but don’t do it voluntarily

Usually very serious and intelligent guys
girl: why do you always look incredibly mad and sad at the same time?
guy: do you have something against my mother? I was born with this, it’s a stare-down look
by k4mpfm45chine November 20, 2021
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