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Restless Booty Syndrome-n- A condition in which one is at work or school (particularly in an office, classroom, or some other employ that involves extended periods of sitting) where the patient can no longer sit still and must shake their rump, like a salt shaker, in the immediate vicinity of said workplace. Music, particularly that which initiates from the "dirty south", can be used as an aid. Symptoms include (while seated) shifting from one cheek to the other, head bopping, raising the roof, head swaying, popping and locking, the robot, the arm wave, and randomly shouting out, "can I get a dance groove in this bitch!" If you feel the onset of any or all of these symptoms you should immediately: 1.shake that ass; 2.watch yourself; 3.shake that ass; and 4.show me what you're working with.
Heather and Trisha were working on an important research study when Heather began throwing her hands in the air indicating that she did not particularly care for working on her assigned task any longer. Confronted with the onset of Heather's RBS, Trisha immediately started playing the Ying Yang Twins and they both proceeded to shake their groove thang.
by justjoe96 September 29, 2009

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