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Measurement used when an individual brags about the amount of beers consumed in a given night knowing that the facts are exaggerated. As to measure your beer count in dog years. Ie. Times seven.
Bragger= "I drank 35 beers last night"
Facts= You were there and bragger drank about 7 beers.
Response= "DOG Beers maybe."
by justin price January 17, 2007
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Female pubic hair. When the pubic region is trimmed around the top and shaven on the sides, leaving the top fully grown. This causes a puffy like ball of hair just atop the female opening.
"She wasn’t totally clean shaven, and it wasn’t quite like a landing strip. It was more like a little POM POM of pubic hair sitting above my target area."
by justin price January 16, 2007
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