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North Merrick is a small hamlet in the Town of Hempstead on the south shore of Long Island, New York. It borders East Meadow, Uniondale, Freeport, North Bellmore, and Bellmore. South of North Merrick is another hamlet Merrick, but most refer it to South Merrick. Other areas of Merrick are Central Merrick and Merrick Woods. People who live in North Merrick are northies and most are in the middle class. Even if most are in the middle class there are areas that are nicer than others.

Like most of Long Island it’s filled with Italians and the Irish. And most are Christian, whereas most southies are jewish.

There are 3 elementary schools, Fayette, Old Mill, and Camp Ave. All of the students of the schools of Merrick and North Merrick join as 1 grade in middle school, Merrick Avenue Middle School (MAMS). In high school students who live in North Merrick or Central Merrick go to Calhoun and students who live in South Merrick go to Kennedy with students who live in South Bellmore.

Everyone loves to party and the most infamous place to do it is at b-side, an old middle school that was shut down b/c of a decrease in the amount of students. At day it is used by the BMCH District, but at night it is where everyone likes to party. And not just anyone can walk into the secret party place in the woods, you have to know someone or be invited and most of these people go to Calhoun.
Person #1: Omg you live in North Merrick?!
Person #2: Yeah it’s filled with italians and irish people.
by justanotherbitch516 July 21, 2021
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