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A game that almost all 90s kids played, and a TV show that almost all 90s kids watched. The best Pokemon will ALWAYS be the first 150, now it's getting lame with the 450+ Pokemon, which now look like something out of a bad acid trip. The TV show was great when the theme song was "I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was...", after that, it went down the drain. I loved to play the games even though I sucked and I would really like Pokemon to exist in real life. To me, having a Vaporeon or a Dragonair as a pet would be pretty flippin awesome.
You'll teach me and I'll teach you! POOOKEEEMOONN!!!!!!

Yes, I am a girl and love Pokemon, and no, I am not ashamed.
by just give me a name already July 28, 2010
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