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The opposite of the fish hook and is performed after harpooning a whale. This usually involves the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol and hoping that no one actually saw the whale you brought home that night. When getting head from a fat chick while she's in front of you on all fours, you reach over her back and hook your finger in her ass and pull. This can be both degrading and painful. This is not something to be performed by an amateur as it's a complex maneuver considering how fat the whale is. If timed correctly, it can serve a dual purpose by forcing the whale to swallow your entire load of stoo. Performed properly, your meat is deep down her throat so she is in essence "hooked" at both ends and can't move and must take it all down while gagging. Performing the whale hook may also ensure you'll never have to worry about the whale calling you up one night and asking if you want to go on a date.
Jeff: Holy crap dude, that was one helluva whale you landed last night. Did you end up giving her the whale hook ?

Me: I don't know what you mean, I was serving your sister some stoo last night.
by juskishi August 04, 2007
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A man's semen while in his genitals or after it's been released.
Friend 1: So what happened with you and that chick last night ?

Friend 2: After I fucked the shit out of her, I started shooting my stoo in her mouth. She tried to pull away so I grabbed her and said "finish all your stoo, bitch."
by juskishi August 04, 2007
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