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1. One's covert name, preceded by the prefix "cov"; not always accidentally leaked in the middle of the night via Twitter; can also occur as attempted disinformation. The President of United States initiated the practice May 31, 2017, possibly undercover. Now the world can know his preferred nickname may possibly be Fefe, not The Donald.

2. An overnight Twitter flare sent by the President when dozing off--especially when embedded alongside "negative press" or "fake news"-- to signal the President's BFF ('Best Butler Forever') to bring that Coke bedside when the rooster crows ... or Speaker of the House Paul Ryan or White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer speaks ... whoever is first and louder. In the case of a tie, Pence decides.
"Despite the constant negative press


Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 31, 2017
by juschry May 31, 2017
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