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A music genre which apparently books you a place in Hell according to Christians.
Priest: So, what music do you play?
Me: Er, mainly punk rock and...
Priest (cutting me off and throwing holy water at me): LORD! SAVE THIS CHILD!
by jtth January 19, 2009

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A name/phrase/word that is always seen in articles regarding Angels and Airwaves or Plus 44 or drum remixes.

Many bubblegum pop teens would wonder what that word means.
A&A and former Blink 182 frontman Tom Delonge...

Pop Teen: The singer and drummer for Plus 44 are old! Thought most new bands would have people younger than 20!
Me: That's cause they were from a band called Blink 182 before forming Plus 44!
Pop Teen: Huh??? Blink what?????? Is that an eyeliner brand?
Me: *commits suicide*
by jtth January 19, 2009

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