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1. To Timberwolf – when a an alpha male makes sweet love to a bitch while her chest is pursed against the bark of a tree or any object “timber-like.” Growls and hoofs are made from either alpha male and/or bitch.
Ex. She hugged the oak tree while I timberwolfed her backside by slipping my furry animal into her foxhole.
by jtruongie February 10, 2005
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Shillack: (Verb) to chill in slacks (eg. jeans, khakis etc…) while watching TV and eating cereal.
Ex. 1: We were shillackin in the mornin' before class watching Sportscenter and eating Captain Crunch.
by jtruongie February 17, 2005
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(Verb) - When a minority has hostility towards a white person and threatens to beat his/her's ass down.
Ex. 1:I went ethnic on the white boy cause' he broke my rice bowl.

Ex. 2:I went ethnic on his ass when the white girl asked me why she couldn't use the "N" word.

Ex. 3: The Rodney King incident was a prime example of blacks getting ethnic.
by jtruongie February 12, 2005
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