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The act of remaining in a semi conscious state for a number of hours due smoking good weed. "Stayin' faded" could be defined as little 'out of it', or to the point of complete human disfunction, and total loss of reaction/thought.
chilla #1: yo, buddy?

chilla#2: ...

chilla #3: dude, that guy is stayin' faded
by jsnob420 July 03, 2010
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Minson(pronounced Minn-Sinn/Minn-Sun) is a noun, used to attract someones attention or start a conversation. It is also an interjection, as it can be used as a form of expression. A cross between the words "son" and "man", turned into "minson" as manson sounds odd and reminds people of marylin manson.
1. hey minson, what time we hittin the bong?

2. fuck minson my girlfriend just shit the bed!!
by jsnob420 January 21, 2011
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