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1. To backstab a more talented and popular colleague.
2. To give a person a gift under false pretenses of friendship in order to set that person up for a later betrayal.

3. To undeservedly receive something which is then unappreciated and squandered.
4. To repeat the same tired joke long after it has ceased to be funny.

5. A particularly painful form of explosive diarrhea, the smell of which renders the entire house uninhabitable for days.
1. Gee, I'm a talentless cancer boil on the ass of society so I'll never get that promotion unless I leno that guy!
2. Man, Judas Iscariot totally lenoed Jesus.
3. Did you hear about Steve? He got a sweet full ride scholarship to that private college but he totally lenoed it.

4. The party was great until Bill arrived and totally lenoed the place up.
5. Stupid Jim got a case of leno after eating Indian food and I had to stay at my friend's house for a week!
by jroo4689 January 19, 2010
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