1 definition by jrm123456789

1. Bounces on your bros.
2. Being overweight.
3. Being a bitch.
4. Claiming to be leaving to be laid, but in reality just being a bitch.
5. sand in your vagina.
6. claiming to hang out with your bros but just to bail.
7. Posing in your boxer briefs for other guys.
8. claiming to like other girls but secretly to love dick.
9. being mad at your friends for taking this to far.
1. You pullin a wimer, hit the sheets.
2. You think I'm doing a wimer, I would rather eat shit than do a wimer.
3. Pulling a wimer? Do not put that curse on me.
4. Contemplating whether or not to hang out with my boys or pull a wimer.
5. You pullin a wimer, eat shit.
6. I don't want that wimer.
7. Stop being such a fucking wimer.
by jrm123456789 May 29, 2011
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