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That fucking annoying lady that never stops talking. Usually a friend of your mom's.
``Mom'', I said, ``If you ever turn into that kind of yenta, I will have to kill you.''
by joshua_ November 30, 2003

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Originally a packet used in TCP/IP to establish a connection, it is now commonly used as an "Are you there?" request to another user on a talker. It is also used in the less common form "SYN SYN ENQ" - two SYNchronization bytes, then an ENQuiry. The latter form is pretty much the same as the former.
<luser1> luser2: syn
<luser2> luser1: ack
by joshua_ January 08, 2004

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Japanese for turtle. Japanese slang for penis.
He wasn't allowed to have his computer named wang, so he changed it to kame.
by joshua_ August 28, 2003

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