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A flat chested ugly stripper (pole dancer). It is recommended that you wash your sheets after smanging (smash + banging) this rare beast. Be careful where you leave your wallet with this one, ultra-sound techs and strippers can't be trusted.
David: I just got smanging that girl shelby. I think she took my wallet.
Jake: You mean that flat chested stripper we picked up last night?
David: Yeah, I had to wash my sheets.
by jolly roger69 March 10, 2011
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One badass mutha. With a dick like a skyscraper and the body of a god it is understandable that he should be the most desirable man ever alive. Not only is he on a first name basis with greats like chuck norris and Bill Gates, but he also is a regular guest at the playboy mansion. This man is clearly a capital "b" badass. Use a respectful tone in his presence.
Chuck Norris: Dude I totally hung out with Hoopes the other day
Bill Gates: Did not
Chuck Norris: did too
Bill Gates: Hoopes is such a badass
God: yep
by jolly roger69 November 19, 2010
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