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Johnson City Senior High School (aka Johnson Shitty), is a school that pretends to be the skinny kid at fat Camp. This school has more drug users than honor students. The school with poor test performances, terrible standardized test scores, has completely given up on academics. Instead of improving the knowledge of the students, they have decided to focus on music and music only. In fact, this school revolves around music. In times of great academic need, the school consistently spends more taxpayer money on musical instruments than on text books. The teachers are confused and senile and the counselors are mean and heartless.

If you have hopes of going to a good university, you can stop dreaming. Majority of the graduates go low performance Community Colleges. Even if you are the lucky one, and get into college, don’t think you’ll be ready. Johnson Shitty will not prepare you for college. Once in college, you will realize that the AP classes taught you “how to not sleep” instead of “how to learn.” If you didn’t take AP classes, you might as well drop out, it’s not like you’re going to do anything with your life, especially since you are the comical “Johnson City Graduate.” Please, do yourself a favor, and beg your parents to move.
Person 1- "Dude, where you get all dat weed?"
Person 2- "Some pot head at Johnson City Senior High School"

Person 1- "Excuse Me, but why are you living on the street?"
Homeless Person- "Cus im a proud Johnson City Senior High School Graduate"
by johnsonshittyy December 19, 2010
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