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A private, Catholic school located in Bethesda MD. It is widely known as one of the most snobbish elementary/middle schools in the MD/DC/VA area. Enroll your sweet little kid and watch them grow up to become a selfish, spoiled brat at the end of 8th grade.

The faculty will leave out a banquet on the table to lure the children like rats. Disciplinary action will be taken if you even look at the food.

About 96% of the faculty will leave after 1 year because of some weird pregnancy problems and their passion for teaching religion.

Student life:
Expect to be bitchslapped from a white girl for wearing your hair weird
Expect to break windows and fall out of ceilings
Expect your teachers to awkwardly take off their wigs when they think "no body is looking"
Expect your teachers to make out with other teachers when "no body is looking"
Expect to have your chairs and books and desks legit thrown across the room when receiving a lecture
Where do you go to school?

St Jane De Chantal.

Lord bless your soul...
by johnsmith3456 October 16, 2011

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